The Classic Dot soft sole with pale blue leather upper featuring a simple dot appliqué design is our favourite classic style! These shoes are so versatile and simple- they just go with everything! These shoes allow full range of motion while also keeping kiddies feet nice and protected from the elements. All classic Bobux Soft Soles feature a great elastic opening which is designed to be easy to get on- and stay on! The Natural suede sole also provides a great non-slip surface so your little one can move around safely.


2XL 15.3cm
3XL 16.0cm
4XL 17.5cm
5XL 18.9cm

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Bobux Soft sole Navy Classic Dot

  • Tootja: Bobux
  • Mudel: 3012
  • Saadavus: 1
  • 36.00€
  • 25.20€

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