name: Marine Opal

type: woven wrap

size: M (0,7 m x 4,6)

country of origin: Poland

colours: blue, gray, green

weft: turquise

weight: 240 g/m2

weft thread:  broken twill weave

composition: 100% cotton

quality certificates:  wraps are produced in accordance with EU norm EN 13209-2 and Eco-Tex Standard (learn more), strength and quality of Little Frog baby wraps was tested by a certified laboratory in accordance with norm PN-EN ISO 13934

accessories: instruction booklet (English) that shows four ways of tying (kangaroo, double X, backpack, pocket)

note: there is an expected max 5% shrinkage after 1st or 2nd washing (which is part of the natural process) - that's why our wraps are made 5% longer (e.g. wrap in size 4.6m is originally 4.85m).  


Remember that the family of Opal wraps is designed for the smallest and older children as well - they are a little thicker than other Little Frog wraps (240 g / m2).

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Woven wrap - Marine Opal M (4,6 m)

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